Friday, June 17, 2011

Science MAkes Things Happen

My apologies for the delay in zombie blogging - I have been very busy these days. Thankfully I have not been busy killing Zombies - though there are times I like the idea of how cheap real estate would be in just such an event.

Anyways, There is a Zombie Research Center in existence - yes I know that if they create zombies in the pursuit of understanding them they get voted off my island. However they did a wonderful studdy that can be found here that explains the abhorrence of zombies in a nice science-ey way. Doesn't make me feel any better but it is nice to know that people are getting paid to do what I do for free.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The vast dark desert

Driving in the desert at night elicit strange ideas. Maybe it was exhaustion, or perhaps just the silence of the road, but I have some crazy stuff go through my mind as I go along the road.

Whenever I see a semi swerve, I wonder if the are about to turn zombie- while any rational person will just be concerned about the driver being tired or something.

I always wonder if the city I am driving into is going to be okay when I arrive, that I will drive into a wasteland filled with the walking dead and a bunch of abandoned cars. How quickly can you see a stopped car at night with its lights off? What if the highway is covered with them?

There may come a day I will never leave my home.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Abandoned Buildings

I had the opportunity (I guess we can call it that) to look over a creepy series of photos from Six Flags New Orleans the other day. Let me just say this - it was creepy.

Let us ignore the usual details that bother me about abandoning loations to nature to reclaim - how can it be too expensive to fix or bulldoze over? Since when was cleaning up after yourself optional?

Anyways - the site itself seems out of touch with reality for the rest of us. I have seen abandoned buildings, areas left to blight as nature tears it down a small bit at a time. But when you see it each time it strikes me. If a plaec has scared even the hobos away you know it must be pretty rough. How society can leave things to rot away around us is a fascinating look inside our psychology as a whole.

NNot to mention having an abandoned site in a part of the world that has a reputation for voodoo (which is often blamed for acts of raising the dead) and abandoned site here is screaming danger and death around every corner. You could make the cheapest horror movie ever - take the 75 to 100 pictures and play them in a slow slideshow. Toss a few shadowy figures in and you have a creepy movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And perfectly indefensible Zombie attack areas.

Let's just hope the voodoo isn't aimed at you while you are there.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Who's Who in the Zombie Apocalypse

There are certain people I have said in the past, you should always keep around. People that may do well to gain your protection so you can gain from their resources and planning abilities. As the philosophers always say - no man is an island unto himself.

My mother-in-law is one of those people. We are working to move her stuff outof her home, and what do I find - cases and cases and buckets and buckets of food. Dry food stuff, sealed. In easy to stack and move buckets. This woman, is prepared for the zombie apocalypse and doesn't even know she is.

How long can you live off a five gallon bucket of lentils? A lot longer than you can without them. How long can you live off rice? A lot longer than you can without it. Twinkie and ho-hos only go so far to nourish you while you spend your days running from the zombie horde - grains and high-protein beans and dried foods are probably going to mean the difference between death and being a meal yourself after 6 months. Let me remind all of my softer more grocery store spoiled friend here, that the grocery store is stocked by human beings - human beings supplied by trucks from hundreds of mile away. When the zombies come, your grocery store will not be the same.

For those of you shocked by that news - you should have been reading my blog earlier. Now it is time to catch up and get yourself back on track.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nikola Tesla and Zombies

I think that Nikola Tesla was a genius. A completely and totally insane genius, but one none-the-less. I am willing to admit that I do not care for Thomas Edison, since I have heard multiple stories of his activities that make him a spoiled brat.

However, Nikola Tesla would be my choice as my mad-scientist partner in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. Just imagine what he could accomplish in the modern era of electricity and science! I can just see it now, a ray gun that would not have to recharge, bolts of lightning that could arc from fingertip implants powered by the magnetic field of the Earth itself.

Tesla, was hardcore. He could probably even break that pesky light-speed barrier - just for fun. Or actually make his earthquake device work this time.

The reason I am bringing this up, is because the wife and I have decided to read two books together (Not counting the Tiger-mom parenting book). We are going to both read a book on Edison, and a book on Tesla - but the need to both match. I want to read two neutral books, or one skewed for each so I know the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Besides, how often does a beautiful woman ask you to read up on Nikola Tesla? That's right - my wife is awesome.