Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Safety of Sesame Street

I have decided that Sesame Street may be a zombie free haven in the event of a zombie apocalypse. What could possibly trigger such an insane thought you might ask? Well, the place is already infested with monsters and mutants. Wit any location this seriously infested with all manner of creatures, do you think Zombies would stand a chance?

Besides, I got money on Bert and Ernie being Zombie Killers- Extra-ordinaires. I mean look at the eyes, the eyes.... Anyone with that sort of insatiable devotion to a rubber duck has a zombie killing streak in them a mile wide. And let us not forget the massive power of the Bert uni-brow. That thing was responsible for a few classified weapons "accidents". Why do you think Bert is living in the city under the close watch of everyone. With that temperament I am sure PTSD has something to do with it.

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