Friday, July 22, 2011

Why is taking the Garbage out that Stressful?

I hate taking the gabage out at night. There is nothing I despise more. Why you may ask? It is the lighting. Our home is set up so the back and front light leave a strip of horrible darkness for the entire length of the house, the same length you must walk through to get to the trash cans. So what could possibly go through my mind when I approach this darkness that my eyes cannot pierce?

There must be zombies in there. Why? Not a clue. my eyesight is very sharp at night, but is easily thrown off by any light sources nearby. The back light just happens to be one such light because of how it is placed. It creates a wall of blindness to a no-mans land hiding countless undead in the tangle of plants in the yard.

I hate taking the trash out at night, and should just avoid it - but not taking the trash out as needed puts me in harms way of another sort. The type that involves the wife looking at me with "that" look.

I think I will learn to take the trash out earlier.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lightsabers and Zombies

There are a lot of nay-sayers about Star Wars, calling it a cheap sci-fi.In some regards it is a science fiction not grounded in reality. Much of the science fiction genre gets its draw from the very plausible and frightening concepts of what our reality can become. Let me remind everyone that the movie does start with a disclaimer saying this story takes place in elsewhere-ville. That being said, let me discuss a very potent instrument that I like from the film.

Just like the word "Plastics" from the Graduate, "Lightsabers" is the word I want on everyones mind today. These weapons supposedly formed of pure destructive light are seen cutting through everything in the movie - except at random intervals where they cut nothing. These are an instrument that a person should be able to use to cut their way through an entire ship, or a cave wall - and not just to turn a Bantha into a sleeping bag.

Can you imagine the damage these things would do to a Zombie Horde? Unlike most medieval weapons that stop when they hit something, a lightsaber continues through a zombie like they are not even there. That is what I call effective.

Any takers on helping me create the lightsabers we will need for a zombie apocalypse?