Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Am I Thinking?

Good evening. Good Day, good..... well, whatever the hell you have going on and when you read this. Honestly I jumped in here because my other half commented that some of her friends were upset I had not blogged in a while, and she was having issues setting her Blogger account up. While I am here I figured I would share the insanity that has been my life away from this blog.

First of all, what in the Great Gonzo is up with Sesame Street in the search standings? My blog has a fair number of page-views, especially since I have not written in months, but a LARGE portion, almost half of my total views, is a single blog devoted to the combat prowess of Bert and Ernie. Look at the image to the right - almost a thousand views, in a blog without an update in months? There are some sick people out there - or wait, maybe they are paranoid as well! Finally, some company! Of course we may need to discuss their choice of defensible locations - anyone who believes Sesame Street is really the place to be in a zombie apocalypse needs to be voted off the island before they eat the berries.

Secondly, I am running for a political office. Yes, my name will be on a ballot, and people will hopefully choose me over an opponent that I can honestly say is nothing less than crazy. Chances are I will lose, given how "red" my home state is, but I intend to give one hell of a fight to my opponents. That in itself may be enough to put everyone else on the defensive - the finally will have to face an opponent who will stand up to them.

Lastly, I need to speak about an event I going to at the end of the month. I am going to my first "Con". No, I will not have a table for my book, "Empires Awakening" but maybe one day. I am just going as an average person trying to enjoy myself while thousands of virgins - I mean nerds, sorry - mingle about with people and ogle girls paid just above minimum wage to wear almost nothing so said virg-*cough* nerds buy comics. The "What am I thinking?" comes into play when I think about the zombie walk and dress up contest that is supposed to occur during this convention. It is very possible that there may be some accidents if an unnamed person, with a well known incredible fear of the undead finds himself in a troubling situation.

That being said, I am tagging this post as I did the Sesame street one - I can't turn down a rival post to help get some more views on this blog. Maybe I will even update this more. Who knows?