Order a Book

My book is available in most places one would find a book - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, with me at book signings.... And this page will list the different places you will be able to get a copy. I am going to list multiple options because each one has advantages that some of the others do not.

General Bookstores
IF you take the ISBN for "Empires Awakening" you can order a copy of my book at any bookstore. Use ISBN #: 978-1-63268-142-3 as the ISBN and you should be able to have the store pull up a copy.

From the Author
Obviously I can't be at every show in existence, and sometime a special autographed copy of a book is exactly what you want to have. Well this is your chance to have it. By using the form link below, you will complete a book request that will get sent to me, the author.

I understand it may take a bit longer, but how many other authors out there let you buy directly from them and get a signature without finding them at a show? Additionally, I will probably be offering the best price for the text so its a win-win for everyone involved.

PayPal Purchase
Use this button below to place your order. You know the charge goes through in a trusted method, and I know I get paid as agreed. It's a win-win!