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The old order is crumbling. Theron is changing, and chaos is coming to the scattered lands across the world.
An ancient empire wakes from its slumber as the Storm Wall encasing Tyrnor falls. Two nations prepare to clash in war that will determine which one will survive, and which one will falter.

In a land with a dying king, a young duke seeks to claim the throne. However, the sinister intentions of the high lords of Dalerad may end his dreams before they can begin.

The deep jungles of Brodesia hide many secrets and dangers that are fighting to be unleashed. A young man finds he has the power to challenge this evil, but the strength he carries threatens to destroy him.

These threads of fate are borne by the winds as an evil force long forgotten puts its own plans in motion. The lands are struggling for survival, and the coming days will decide the fate of all centuries to come.

Empires Awakening by Matthew Cerra is the start of a collection of tales with a unique splash of cultures and fantasy elements, creating a world of such breadth and depth that readers will find it hard to return to their normal everyday lives.

Coming Soon:
I am currently working on the sequel to "Empires Awakening" and will offer up a title and summary as soon as I can. Honestly, I haven't found a title that my fiance approves of yet. I keep working on her so maybe sometime soon. (I love you dear!) Once I have a working title I will post it.