Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Location, Location, Location

I enjoy Europe, well, at least I did the one time I went. I enjoy spending the rest of my time looking at pictures of places in Europe I want to go see. Like Hallstatt and Neuwanschtein Castle, and Kuchlbauers Bierwelt (that would be "Beer Land"). Part of the reason I enjoy looking at these places is because Europeans built fortifications and living spaces everywhere. I am talking castles people!

What better place to wait out the Apocalypse than your very own fortified location? And, a majority of time castles were built in locations that helped them defend a region, with access to resources (remember our sustainability blog entry?) Zombies have never been known for their engineering finesse, so it is not like they would be able to construct a catapult or trebuchet and come after you any time soon.

So yes, location in important, especially in Europe. Just be careful you don't pick a palace - that would be a deathtrap. Why? Because they typically were designed to just be places of lazy luxury and opulence. I am sure many think that might be a good place to go in case of zombie attack - but it could quickly turn into a ZBA. A Bunch of drunk humans tired and sleepy from eating too much. It is like their are preparing themselves like veal. I am sure the zombies appreciate that though.

Now I know in case of me taking over a castle I have a host of all new concerns. First making sure the winding halls are cleared of infected, and then only letting who I want to have inside - selection of allies is important. I don't need idiots who get bit while out working or on patrol coming back inside thinking "oh I will be different, I won't turn zombie!" More people means more risk. And to any who end up working with me in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse - I have a zero tolerance policy for the infected.

Will I tell you which castle I am looking at going to? Not likely, I don't want neighbors, at least not too many anyways.

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  1. Posted a comment but don't think it went through. Sorry if you received it twice (or thrice). A friend in Bisbee was stocking up in advance of radiation or another imminent Apocalytic event and asked if I wanted to order from her bulk catalog. I declined, unsure how long it would take me to use 5 lbs of sea salt. While I may not be quite ready to check out, neither am I enthusiastic about a post-Apocalyptic life. Seen all the old movies of course. Enjoyed recent TV show "Jericho," as at least there were some hopeful elements. As usual, though, we are our own worst enemies. Like the guy who returns to the castle after being bitten, we all want to believe we are the exceptions. I just hope that whatever fate awaits me will allow me to spend time with friends and family.