Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zombie Preparation Kit

I always enjoy finding other Zombie apocalypse plans, or being sent lists of items that everyone should have in case of a Zombification event. To be entirely frank - I have a pretty in depth list as it is - I even had to develop a way of processing new items as they get brought up to see where they lie in order of importance. Let's face it now - some things are just more important for long term zombie attack survival than others. Holly Madison is pretty far down on the list - sorry her fake boobs, insured or not, won't make life any easier when people start eating each other.

Today's list is actually from last week - CNN Money created a list of items (and their cost - as if money is important with undead running around) that everyone should consider having in the event of a zombie level event. Perhaps I should make that another acronym - ZLE.

1. Ghost 400 Crossbow - I will be honest, there is a special place in my heart for crossbows. This is the medieval equivalent of armor piercing bullets. While arrows always had a better range and are very deadly - crossbows are the cudgels of long range weapons. They don't just pierce - they SLAM into their target at the minimum taking the wind out of them. While the review says aim for the head - most likely you will remove the entire head when you hit - solving that pesky biting once they are down problem. Oh - and the ammunition is re-usable (if you feel the need to retrieve your shots that is)

2. Husqvarna Chainsaw - Chainsaw's were made popular by two things = Evil Dead and the Doom series (if you haven't ever found the chainsaw in Doom you haven't really ever played it). While I commend any destructive weapon - chainsaws are noisy and messy - splattering blood and gore that will most likely infect yourself and your peers - reducing the numbers of non-undead.

3. Orchid Samurai Sword - Swords - while not the optimum weapon of choice due to their range, they are the most dependable. No one has ever said they have run out of ammunition while using a sword. Swords do not jam, they operate in the cold, the heat, under water..... pretty much if you can move the sword works. I have few already myself.

4. Anti-Riot Helmet - Any sort of armor that is light and effective is a bonus in my book. The downside to this model is that the neck is open for biting. If it doesn't have a coif - it is not going to help as much as it should.

5. Anti-Riot Armor - I pretty much have to repeat my last statement. I love armor - and this stuff looks great. Two deficiencies in this design though. First, no neck protection (coifs were invented for a reason people) and even more bizarre in this case - why does this thing not have gloves included?

6. Skull-faced mask - This is screaming "Shoot me as well!" I get the whole intimidation factor for the living, but this is for the undead - the only thing this does is make you a target.

7. Night Vision goggles - This is a pretty good idea. If you can find a few pair, it never hurts to have them once night falls. Darkness has always been the ally of the undead - for some reason rotting eye tissues have excellent night vision capabilities. While I call bullshit on that - it doesn't hurt to have the upper hand with your body armor to also have better vision than the undead hunting you.

It is a limited list - but a list none-the-less. I just have to wonder how much money was plugged into CNN Money for placing these items and their manufacturers. Either way - all of these items will be more useful than Holly Madison. Unless of course you intend to use her as bait (which is a honest waste).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Once again, Into the Zombification Disease....

I want to thank ars technica for breaking this horrifying story. Once again - a zombification disease is in the news. This time it strikes Gypsy moths - who climb to the top of a tree and wait to be turned into a liquid (from the disease) so it can infect even more once rain comes and washes it down onto other caterpillars.

This disease is just as crazy as the ant zombie disease - except it has the added function of liquification. I don't know about you - but I don't want to become a puddle of myself. The caterpillars don't even have the decency to have zombie hunting squads to control the spread of the disease like the ants do. At least ants recognize a problem when they see it!

I guess I can add options to what happens once infected with a zombie virus - you melt like the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz - or you go and eat your family. What amazing choices.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Traveling Post- Apocalypse

I have grand plans. There are times that my grand plans do hit upon some rather realistic snags though, problems that would definitely be of a concern.

I have mentioned in the past about my grand idea to possible take over Nueschwanstein Castle as securable location in the event of the zombie apocalypse - or just one in general. It doesn't have to be zombie related. The first great hurdle appears when a person points out to me (Thanks John) I do not know how to sail - and I live across the Atlantic ocean from mainland Europe. This does pose a problem and the only option I have at the moment is finding a port with a cruise liner in it - turning that SOB around and running it smack dab into the cost of France.I guess it will have to be a one way trip.

Second issue - It is located in an area with some harsh terrain and weather. It is highly likely I will spend more hours each day making sure the castle doesn't fall in on top of me than planning how to save humanity from itself. Sorry everyone - it is unlikely I will be pulling a Will Smith "I have a cure" moment out of my hat. So my recommendation is to not become infected.

Third - there is no third. Well maybe there is - in the form of having to cross a third of the surface of the Earth probably overrun with undead. Not like I would let that get to me right? (yes, yes it would)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Disease Transit

One of the worst things about zombie flicks these days - is the spread of the disease typically causing the problem. I say "worst" simply because I don't like zombies, usually they take a simple fluid to fluid transmission system and let the biting, gnawing, scratching and other unpleasantness begin. This is probably my least favorite part.

I think if a zombie disease were to really break out - it would probably have a similar spreading mechanism to the modern flu. After watching the movie "Contagion" this weekend, my distaste for touching things grew tenfold. The disease was transmitted through touch - that alone was enough to move the virus around. The horrible part of this (aside from the idiotic teenagers laughing at death) is that it is the most likely mode of transmission that would probably develop. Airborne pathogens (thankfully) I believe enjoy great frailty due to their "airy" nature. Let us hope that I am not too wrong in that understanding (I heard it somewhere trustworthy I hope) But disease that can move through touch - well those apparently can be quite tough.

Someone grabs an object hours after an infected person does - and BLAMMO! Undeadification occurs. (I should probably copyright that word - undeadification has a nice ring to it). How frustrating to think you won't even be able to touch anything - even your own clothes - without fear that right there could be a few tiny microbes ready to turn you into the next human-deconstruction device. I was told that the movie "Carriers" actually kept this in mind for the disease that breaks out killing humanity. It would be days before a surface was safe to touch even if disinfected.

I should get back in the habit of writing this - I am starting to think I should just write my zombie novel and get it out of my mind - before it gets turned into a larger books series like my fantasy line has.