Friday, June 3, 2016

Comic-Con: A Panel Success

So last night I made it out into the world - I was on a very enthusiastic panel at Comic-Con. The topic: "Once Upon a Time", Disney's premier grab bag of "how many Disney characters can we toss in and twist for fun" show.

I mean seriously, how many times can you block Mulan from having a happy ending? Give the woman a break already!

Anyways, here is the crowd we had, 20 minutes before we were scheduled to begin.

If you see yourself, feel free to tag the picture. Those people up front were even posing. (And I see you turning away Deadpool/ ChimiChanga shirt guy).

Why am I posting this? Because it was great to be among fellow geeks and nerds discussing something we were passionate about. It was a great opportunity to hear the thoughts of others and discuss something that politically related.
While I enjoy politics, sometimes it is nice to step back and work on another passion, that for the culture and impressive hold that geek culture is now having in our society.

I was very impressed with the turnout. The picture doesn't do justice to the nearly filled room that we had for our discussion. People left, and others came to take their places. People even left then came back - I say because the other panelists were that awesome. I think I was decent.

Over the next couple months I am going to try to get back in the habit of working on this blog, and get my writing back on track. I am preparing a second edition of my first book, and will hopefully get my second book, Currents of Fate ready for printing. Maybe even lucky enough to make it in time for Christmas! Who knows!?

I am going to post this and send it to the wonderful ladies I participated with on this panel. They all deserve kudos for the idea and the great time that was had by all. My hat's off to you all.