Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Quiet Morning

I am a morning person. I enjoy being awake long before the sun comes up, before people begin to clamor about and bring noise to the world. The silence and emptiness is both soothing and terrifying for  me.

I have enjoyed mornings here near the coast, with the beauty of fog clouding my vision out of the window of my apartment. The hill north of town with the homes I wish I could afford to buy sits beyond the white mists - but no one could say what its fate is at that point. As much as the fog gives the world a clean pristine mystery, it also holds the hidden dangers of what is within.

Some morning the silence is deafening. The crunch of gravel along the roads a thunderous clash, and my feet the cymbals of the heavens cast upon the earth. Any zombies could hear that. As strange as it may seem - I have not seen a zombie infestation that affeccts hearing. It seems that zombification affects sight, smell, strength and touch - but never hearing? Whoever dreams of zombies must be music lovers - god forbid they lose the ability to enjoy music while they are eating people.

I think those musical bastards must have it out for the rest of us. People with sensitively sharp ears as well - they created zombies to silence the world. I can see it now, a super-villain being asked.

"Why are you doing this? Why destroy the world?"

"Because everyone is too damn loud and I am trying to compose a symphony!"

<<Start Zombification>>

Damn people with sensitive ears. I wonder what I could create to get back at them? Other than my idea for a belt fed combat shotgun, Without that, I am at a loss.

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  1. Do guns kill zombies? Somehow I never thought so, but my zombie information stash is limited. If they are already undead, how can a gun kill them? Of course, I see that you mean to rid the world of people with sensitive ears, as they may be zombie proponents. I love the early morning, too. Even if I didn't, Buddy Love would wake me up. Here in the desert, it is nice to walk with my dog in the early morning. As the heat increases, so does the earliness of our walks. Have to watch out for coyotes - they killed a dog here in the neighborhood recently -and once things heat up, have to beware of snakes, as well. But there are dangers everywhere. I prefer the quiet threats of the desert to the noise an impersonality of the city.