Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zombie Short Story

So I am toying with the idea of writing my zombie book as a short story here in this blog. To be entirely honest, it is something I am leery about – since I have to write from the dark corner of my mind that reality doesn’t go into very often. You know – kind of like visiting your kid at college when they have their first apartment. You are not quite sure what you may find since you know they are probably living in a place close to being condemned with a half dozen other people – that sort of scary and dark and leaves you wondering if you could make it back out alive.


(Note to self – make sure my daughter keeps a clean living space)


If I do it – I want to do it soon since I want to make the complete tale available on Kindle format again (because cheap and easy to supply is good for us broke writer wanna-be’s). Though if it turns out like my first book did (Empires Awakening on Amazon.com) it will turn from a short story into a full length novel. Not how I want to spend my evenings – but I will do it for the fans (I know I have one, not sure if I have any others).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes I Need to....

Just get away from it all – especially Zombies. It is not like I run into them often or anything – I just think it easier to stay away from them entirely. If there is anything I hate worse than zombies – it is people who are about as useful as zombies. Zombies don’t even serve a function in society – they are the anti-thesis of order in some regards. And don’t give me that “They get the slow ones” line – I know they do that, but eventually they will catch us fleet footed ones unaware, eventually we pull a muscle in our leg, eventually we must sleep.


People that slow us down and interfere with progress are just as infuriating in my mind – because if they were zombies we could just get rid of them. Being the “living” they are allowed to stay that way.


I like function and efficiency – neither of which zombies care about. Maybe I dislike them because of their mindless shambling about biting people. Doesn’t quite explain why I nearly die from anxiety at the very mention of them or possibly seeing them – but it is a theory.