Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You Know - There are Reasons I Avoid Zombie Stories....

I have to admit, I should really stop trying to be a glutton for punishment. I tried being brave today and watching the the trailer for the upcoming "Fear the Walking Dead". I was curious about how they would handle the initial outbreak and spread of the Zombie contagion. While the anticipation terrifies me - I was curious about what they had to show for their work.

I should not have tried.

I did not finish the entire video (when it comes in at just over three minutes that is truly saying something) and closed out the tab before I raised my blood pressure anymore. The hilarity is what comes after the initial terror.

*Listens to helicopter flying overhead as I leave work*
(Inner voice) "They must be on their way to the initial outbreak site. Maybe they are running from the first infect."

*Hears truck blasting its horn around the corner while walking to car)
"The zombies must have broken through. Maybe those are the reinforcements to try and stop them."

*Hears rustling in a shrub that is all of eight inches high and a foot wide.*
"Goddamn Zombies are here already!"

Also - why the flip do people need to take SOOO much time to recognize there are zombies and enter into execution mode. "Oh I see they are biting people now...." *Headshot* It makes me angry that people are so dumb. The first time I see someone start biting another one I am not going to lolly-gag about things.

Anyways - I made the mistake. Again. Now every out of place sound is making me get jumpy and prepare for a undead apocalypse. I look forward to the nightmares about this tonight.... *sigh*

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